Are you curious, are you creative, do you want to do something completely different? You are welcome in my studio for a workshop beadmaking.

My studio is arranged to receive one guest at the time. This ensures maximum attention and will ease the process of learning how to make glass beads.


I advise guests not to wear best clothes, you are doing craft work.

We do not give workshops to children under 14 years old.

Before starting you will receive a basic safety instruction with do’s and don’ts. When starting, a ‘how to’ is theoretically explained, focussed on the workshop you have selected. Let the torch be fired up and start the fun.

There will be a short coffee or tea break with a chocolate bonbon and biscuits.

Language during the workshop will be normally in Dutch. English is a possibility.


If you want to make a reservation please contact me by phone, +31 (0)6 5355 9728.

Or use contact form below, which also can be used for questions or requests.


1. Taste the joy.

Workshop  level 1

Duration            3 hours

Price p.p.           € 65


Get infected with the glass virus when hypnotized by the torch.

You will get a brief instruction about safety and do and don’ts. You will be provided with didymium glasses and a leather apron.

The basics are shown in a demonstration before you start the session. During the workshop there will be assistance, clues and explanations to improve your ability, but only when required.

Now we start. You can choose three favourite colours to use when learning how to make a basic bead.

After you have accomplished the skill to make a bead, additional skills as placing dots, using frit and dot manipulating are learned.

2. Improve the joy.

Workshop level 2

Durations          3 hours

Price p.p.           € 75


You are infected by the glass virus. You need the torch.

You know how to make a bead, how to place a dot and how to manipulate them. You can use frit and you are ready to continue learning new techniques.

Options to learn are:

  • Placing dots collateral and learning to make a Pokes Eye Air Bubble beads.
  • Manipulating dots to create triangle beads.
  • How to make a basic ring top.
  • Learn how to make stringers to insert waves for beach beads.
  • How to make a twisty and use it for beads.
  • Encasing of a bead.
  • Basic skills for making flowers in a bead.
  • How to use different bead shapers
  • And more basic skills on request.

3. Specialize the joy.

Workshop level 3

Duration            4 hours

Price p.p.           € 100


No help for you. You are lost in the world of glass and colours, living in a dream.

Techniques proposed to learn are requiring knowledge of glass behaviour when heated. You need to know all basic techniques offered in level 1 and 2 workshops.

Options to learn are:

  • How to make round hollow beads by the use of a blowpipe. (purchasing a private blowpipe is essential, can previously be ordered at SabinaBeads)
  • Making an implosion bead as a pendant or a round shape.
  • Beads decorated with self-made stringers.
  • Beads with encased flowers.
  • Galaxy bead
  • And more advanced skills on request.

4. Experience the joy.

Workshop level 4

Duration            4 hours or full day

Price p.p.           € 100 for 4 hours

                           €  150 for full day ( lunch included )


You have entered the world of glass. No way back, only forward.

Techniques proposed to learn does need advanced knowledge of glass behaviour when heated. You need to know all techniquess offered in level 1, 2 and 3 workshops. 

Options to learn are:

  • Combo beads containing blow and imploding techniques.
  • Two imploding techniques combined in one bead.
  • And more advanced skills on request.