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Big butt frogg


Big butt frogg


Big but frogg on a yellow with brown bead. 

Finished with 925 Sterling Silver wire.

Size of the pendant:

length 4,5 cm

Width 2 - 2,8 cm (depents on the frog)

Eye of the pendant 4 mm.

Necklace  not included. 
(for necklaces, look at tab "925 Sterling Silver Necklaces"


Art. nr. P-20014





LeafBead in Blue, whit, yellow, orange, pink and purple.

The bead is clamped in the stainless steel pendant and can therefore be exchanged for another bead.

Size of the bead: width 18 mm

                          height 20 mm

Holesize: 4,5 mm

Including Stainless Steel Necklace and pendant.

Length of the necklace 60 cm

and can be extended to 65 cm

(the necklace is worn a bit longer than the photo indicates) LB-20110