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The two easiest ways to get to know the ring size of your finger


  1. Measuring of an existing ring

You can measure the inside diameter of an existing ring which fits on the finger you want to wear the new ring. Put a ruler on a flat surface, lay the ring on top of the ruler and count the amount of mm at the inside of the ring.


  1. Measure your ring finger

If you do not wear a ring yet, you can measure it by yourself.

Wrap a tapeline around the thickest part of the intended finger. The thickest part is mostly your knuckle. The length of the measured periphery can be converted in the table below.

If you do not have a tapeline, you can wrap a piece of paper or a ribbon around your finger and measure the length with a ruler.


Please be very accurate when measuring. 1,7mm is already halve a ring size, which is the difference between perfeict fit and too tight or too loose. In the website you can choose dimentions in between when in boubt between two sizes.


Periphery (mm)

49 – 51

52 – 54

55 – 57

58 – 60

61 – 63

64 – 67


Ring size