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A memory bead is not just a bead you like for its color or appearance. This bead needs to be in perfect harmony with the memory you have. SabinaBeads therefor has a big variety of possibilities to come to a design appreciated by you.


The choice of design starts with a certain type of bead. Glass can vary from opaque to fully transparent, in a wide range of colors.

Shapes in the glass can vary from ‘blending colors’ to ‘flowers’ or ‘waves on a beach’. The ashes of the loved one will be visible as bubbles of air in the bead.

Another method is a hollow bead that can be filled with ash or hair. These beads are gracefully finished with silver glass.


 For each bead you can choose how it is finished. There is a wide choice of silver parts that give the bead an exceptionally beautiful appearance.

A necklace is not included but can be chosen to fit your personal preference.


Please contact us to discuss design and colour composition before ordering.

The costs for a memory bead may vary from €35,00 to €150,00


 the appearance may slightly differ because the bead is made per assignment.

The memorial material supplied will be treated with all due respect.