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Since november 2017 I followed several masterclasses to improve my skills.


Masterclass Carla di Francesco – Micmac Polygon Artbeads (2017)



Masterclass Stefanie Neeskens - Glass Blowing (2018)


Masterclass Olga Allianova - Hollow MicMacs (2018)


Masterclass Floriane Lataille and William Jeffroy - Plants and implosionflowers


Masterclass Anouk Jasperse - Implosion Ringtops Flowers (2019)


Masterclass Anouk Jasperse - Implosions with Silverglass, combined implosions and working with murini’s (2019)


Masterclass Astrid Riedel – Work with enamels (Freestyle) (2019)


Masterclass Anouk Jasperse - Work with Silverglass (2019)