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My name is Sabina Verkerk and I love to work with glass



Inspired by the colors which nature is offering us. Inspired by the seasons in a year, by organic shapes flora and fauna is showing us and inspired by the sea, which is so close to my home.

In my studio I drown in these inspirations when creating my beads, ringtops and other glass artifacts. Lost in time, enjoying every minute behind my torch in my wonderful life of color and glass.

Every single piece is made with love and care. Destined to be worn by everyone who shares my inspiration and do appreciate handcrafted pieces of art.


My studio is located in Kapelle, which is a small village in the province Zeeland, in the Netherlands.

My studio contains two torches. The Bethlehem Alpha and the Bravo. My two kilns, to release stress in the glass, are of the brand paragon, the bluebird and the smaller SC3 which is also abused for other purposes. For creating a frosty shine, there is a blast cabin with aluminum oxide as abrasive. My family, who are victims of my obsession, did help me to create my studio with flame resistant panels and a central air extraction. There is even a tiny photo studio, preheater, tool storage and an open glass storage. There is however always… an organized chaos, well familiar to most creative people 😉.

There is room for two people to work simultaneous. Workshops are therefor given to a maximum of two guests per session, This ensures sufficient attention for each person.

I love to work in combination with materials nature provided. However most of my creations are of pure colourful glass. The glass mostly used is Effetre – Reichenbach – CIM – Ornela – Boro – Double Helix. Additives are Dichroic – Silver – Frit – Murinni – Sand – Brass.

And sometimes, a local adventurer (which happened to be my husband) is asking me to combine my glass with his bronze or wooden sculptures.


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